Bespoke / Ad-hoc events

Events can never be called predictable! We have assisted events with last minute and meeting bespoke challenges that have included incumbent supplier failure, severe weather, new commercial/sponsor requirements and changes in safety and security requirements. For example, we supported one late notice event requirements between 2015 and 2019 with:

additional VHF radios &
staff and volunteer notifications from our event control platform

Tailored services are at the heart of what we deliver and we work closely with our suppliers to react quickly and effectively to new requirements. Our event Land Rover (pictured) contains all of the key equipment to establish a mobile event control or a temporary control room be it in a marquee, church hall, meeting room or stadium. By adding Primetech UK’s event trailer and Droneflight UK’s equipment we can rapidly provide CCTV, resilient wi-fi and drone overflight surveys of the event site within minutes of arriving on site… Ideal when commercial and safety pressures are uppermost in your mind.