“Given that we had to evacuate 60,000 people from the site one day, due to a raging storm, it was imperative that Event Control and all members of the Event Liaison Team were kept completely aware of decisions and input from the various stakeholders, suppliers and responsible authorities during the lead up to the decision to evacuate and once that decision was made, to be kept completely in the loop regarding civil contingencies and crowd movement. Without Rob, his kit and his team, this simply would not have happened.”Steve Kearney (Event Health & Safety lead, Gallowglass H&S)

25 Event Control and Event Liaison users created
Log entries to our system across four event days and build day

During event operations and severe weather we distributed
SMS notifications during the event to Senior Managers, sponsors and Site Managers through to volunteers

Following Event Liaison and Gold meetings we circulated key information with
emails distributed to key stakeholders.

The Challenge
Our brief was to support Origin Sports Group for the 2015 and 2016 Portsmouth Events and Oman then the America’s Cup Event Authority (ACEA) for Chicago, New York, Toulon and Bermuda with  a green field event control facility with information management tools available to Managers and key command, control and coordination (c3) nodes:

  • Event Management and site delivery team
  • Health and Safety team
  • Multi-Agency Silver
  • Police
  • Military
  • Local Authority
  • Search and Rescue
  • Medical provider
  • Security
  • Media (off site at Media Centre)
  • Race Operations (off site and co-located with maritime partners)
  • Volunteers across the City (via SMS)

Once established we were tasked to provide Event Control management in support of the Event Director and Operations Director, Event Liaison support for each meeting, note taking and information sharing from daily Gold meetings, radio channel controllers and a web based platform for logging and information sharing during the four day event.

The Solution
We provided a fully integrated event control facility which coordinated festival, fan zone and race operations with monitoring of key channels on the excellent radio equipment provided by Mark Comms for Portsmouth. We supported regular Event Liaison meetings and information sharing with a multitude of partner agencies and other control centres. Our KA Band satellite from Primetech high capacity broadband enabled us to deploy a private wi-fi network in case of mobile phone network  or event wi-fi failure. Our easy to use web-based document and logging system was quickly shared with various command and control locations (e.g. emergency services control centres, Managers on the move) with additional notifications, and radio controllers to monitor issues to support a safe and successful event involving crowds of many thousands of people.

The results
Despite challenging weather on a new event we had really positive feedback from managers, partners and volunteers who had access to critical information at each stage of the event.

We worked well with an existing site operation, establishing boundaries and areas of expertise which enabled smooth operation of Event Control. See here for a more detailed article on the event and our work with Primetech.