” We have worked with Controlled Events on Chestertons Polo in the Park and other events since 2014 and their services and equipment now form an essential part of all our events. As well as the exceptional hardware such as radio, satellite wi-fi back-up and event control screens, Rob has an extensive knowledge of emergency planning that have helped us augment our emergency planning and associated documentation. He and his staff are a healthy addition to our event control personnel helping us to safely manage our multi-channel radio net and deliver successful events globally.”Richard Kirtley, Operations Director, Sportgate International

The Challenge
Our challenge since 2014 has been to provide cost effective and reliable radio communications, accreditation platform, robust temporary Wi-Fi with support from Attend2IT, new practises relating to information management, delivery of a table-top exercise immediately before the event, establishment and provision of an event control team in the heart of West London where radio spectrum congestion can be challenging.

The Solution
The solution had to be right first time so we invested in deploying testing of hardware during the build phase and extensively engaged with the Event Management team to understand the event safety management plan.  We provided radio briefings to all security personnel, provided site event control support with loggists and radio channel controllers, deployed our event control management system and support to key meetings on site.

Our satellite and landline wi-fi solution provided resilient wi-fi access to event control, bars, operations and retail.

The results
Our support has enabled Sportgate International to thrive and grow its commercial operations and to respond and recover from incidents. Our multi-agency desktop exercise each year connects departmental leads and agencies, focuses on the event’s top threats and hazards and  ensures that key operational managers on site and their emergency services/Safety Advisory Group stakeholders are confident and competent in understanding the event plan.

Our support has become integral to the delivery of the event and our service provision grows each year in recognition of our trusted status as an effective supplier.