Event Control

We provide reliable personnel, software, equipment and resources to enable seamless and safe delivery of your event. Our services benefit from our experience gained from managing a wide range of Event Control Rooms and coordinating the response to incidents. 

What sets us apart? We provide the end to end capability including design and planning, Exercising, provision of personnel to operate and manage the control room, use of our own ECR Manager platform and supporting control room equipment.



Making timely and efficient decisions, managing communications and stakeholders can be challenging.  You may have multiple departments, stakeholders and suppliers involved in key activities. Some common issues include:

  • Messages are duplicated, delayed or confused between locations or requiring manual processes, whatsapp and radio messages
  • Complex audit trail with a mass of spreadsheets and documents
  • Off the shelf platforms often lack customisation and flexibility 

How we can help

As discerning control room users, like us we believe you need the most flexible and user friendly log functionality. Our Event Control solution including ECR Manager log seamlessly slots into your event operations. Our support will include:

  • Planning and validating your Command, Control and Communication (C3) arrangements
  • Designing and delivering the Event Control Room
  • Providing staff and equipment to operate key functions such as management, information coordination and radio channels.

Event Control Management

Event Directors, Producers, Safety and Security Management need the assurance that Event Control is effective and able to coordinate resources, control radio channels, share information and support liaison with on-site organisations and partner agencies.

Our team of experienced Managers, Controllers and Loggists are all familiar with current legislation, Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme (JESIP) arrangements and relevant National Occupational Standards.

Our Event Control Rooms have supported a wide range of stadia, green field, corporate, conference, festival, mass participation events, sailing regattas and many more.

ECR Manager

Our award winning platform has been tried and tested in a wide range emergency and event control rooms. Our two key objectives are to provide you and your stakeholders and responders with a common operating picture and an effective audit trail. The system is priced on the basis of your needs, duration and number of users and is available on a per event or annual basis. Our platform is currently the only UK event focused platform to have been vetted by the Crown Commercial Service and is available on the Government’s G-Cloud framework for public sector organisations.

With a simple user interface which required minimal training our system provides an easy means to log, notify, report and map  your operations and incidents. We are also an Event Partner of What3Words to enable easy location of issues to the Control Room by users on the ground.

Key features such as forms, checklists, schedules, categories and distribution can be itemised, time and name stamped, ticked off against your schedule, with the ability to download a variety of reports immediately for sharing, Event Liaison meetings or post-event debriefs. 

Equipment and Remote Support

We provide all of the screens, laptops, wind anemometers and any other key hardware required to support event decision makers. Our solution enables Managers to keep an eye on information, issues and actions whether it be in a fixed, mobile or temporary event control. We have also created a remote Event Control Room, equipped with fibre connections and power resilience to enable several operators to support the event remotely. This is particularly beneficial for Events requiring a socially distanced Control Room environment but also significantly increases the carbon footprint reduction of our service. 

We are experienced in using and displaying a range of useful data including: 

  • our ECR Manager platform, social media feeds (utilising Hootsuite and Awario) to monitor key search strings and hashtags)
  • CCTV (as shown in one of our training Client’s event videos here) 
  • partner agencies own Resilience Direct and Hazard Manager tools
  • own on site Anemometer/wind services from Holfuy which provides real time information into our log to inform decision making and to record wind speeds


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