Corporate events

The Challenge:
At short notice our Clients required voice and data to a corporate event site. The nature of the challenges at each site posed challenges: protest risk, poor mobile coverage in the area and media interest in the client meant that the production team could not divulge all of the event information to us until immediately before the day. One event took place at one of the largest inside event venues in West London meant that our VHF radio solution was best placed to support the Security team who operated in and outside the venue. Bar radios were essential to keep the Mojito ingredient supply chain flowing and more importantly, to securely relay the movement of large quantities of cash within and to the outside of the venue. Testing equipment and frequencies ahead of the event (particularly essential in London given the number of radio users on limited frequencies) was only possibly late into the evening before the event.

The Solution:
We integrated our support with the Security team, landing on site with them to ensure that robust digital secure radios were charged and ready to go with earpieces to prevent transmissions being overheard. Without a fault our equipment supported the delivery team across a two week deployment (build, delivery and break). Our bespoke standalone wifi service enabled important downloads, calls, emails and tweets to reach key Managers without delay and the more significant cost of in house venue wi-fi which is often highly contended i.e. coverage across a venue is shared by a large number of users. We supply wi-fi with a customised SSID (hotspot name) in order that you can present the venue or event communications as your own.

The Results:
Our strong communications solution played a key role in ensuring that the venue and security team experienced no asset protection issues as teams could be deployed more effectively via radio. Key issues, trends and statistics were captured on our web based log to provide an audit trail for Health and Safety Executive CDM, RIDDOR and for event production statistics to inform future planning.