Is your Workplace Covid-Secure and Compliant?

Whether your business is part of an industry reliant on staff being on-site or one simply looking reunite and keep their teams together for a renewed sense of normality, getting your premises COVID-Secure and compliant can be an onerous task for those unfamiliar with the process.

The HSE recently inspected and fined it's own parent organization for COVID breaches in their offices, with the prospect of reputational and financial damage, this move worked to highlight the importance of planning and implementing compliant procedures efficiently and effectively in order to protect your staff, stakeholders and customers.

Our COVID-Secure plans, audits and walkthrough exercises have been assisting businesses to ensure legal compliance, to get themselves back on their feet efficiently, without the need to bring in multiple specialists, furloughed staff and suppliers. Our approach will enable you to comply with new Government laws and guidance as well as British Standards Institute 'Safe working during the COVID-19 pandemic' guidance.

Our team, in partnership with Logical Safety Solutions have been developing tailored and adaptable COVID-secure site plans for our customers with several COVID-secure site clearances executed in recent weeks.

All of our plans are compliant with new laws and are tailored specifically to our client needs. We’ve got all the tools in place to have your staff, operations and reputation safely protected.

Challenges Faced

How we can help

With the at times confusing and  conflicting government advice, it can be difficult to sift through the 'chaff' to identify the essential and relevant actions to ensure that your site is COVID-Secure and legally compliant with a safe working environment and effective test and trace arrangements.

Sea of information makes it hard to identify safety requirement; what is essential, what is advisory

Lack of experience and resource makes it difficult to plan and to anticipate future needs

Keeping up with the ever changing COVID landscape can be a full time job in itself

Controlled Events have developed a comprehensive, fixed price Covid-Secure plans which not only takes the pain out of the process, but also ensures that your site(s) efficiently and effectively comply with both current laws and anticipated guidelines as well as emerging good practice.

Managed Covid-Secure plans, detailed below, to suit all budgets

Detailed action plan to get your site COVID secure and compliant

Qualified Health and Safety experts advising and/or conducting risk assessment

"Rob Walley and his team at Controlled Events have become experts at helping building owners and managers ensure they comply with best practice to keep their staff and guests safe"

Chris Smith, Playfair Capital

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How can Controlled Events help?

Our experts have developed Covid-Secure plans which are designed to take the pain out of getting your site compliant. Let us focus on dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s, whilst you focus on keeping your team together.

For more details and to discuss next steps, get in touch today

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