Event Control

Resilient and reliable personnel, equipment and resources to enable seamless and safe delivery of your event.



How we can help

Managing a short duration Event Control Room with multiple departments, stakeholders and suppliers makes timely and efficient information management tough to achieve. Some common issues include:

Messages duplicated, delayed or confused between locations or requiring manual processes, whatsapp's and radio messages

Complex audit trails with a mass of spreadsheets and documents

Off the shelf platforms often lack customisation and flexibility 

As discerning control room users, like us we believe you need the most flexible and user friendly log functionality. Our ECR Manager log seamlessly slots into your control room and event operations. Our support will include:

Customising categories and tags to fit your information management needs with dashboards that summarise key information

Integrating your GIS (mapping) and static site maps

Developing checklists for staff on the ground and in Control.

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Our award winning platform has been tried and tested in various emergency and event control rooms to provide a common operating picture and an effective audit trail. With a simple user interface which required minimal training our system provides an easy means to log, notify, report and map  your operations and incidents (using your data and tools such as What3Words).

Key information can be itemised, time and name stamped, ticked off against your schedule, with the ability to download a variety of reports immediately for sharing, Event Liaison meetings or post-event debriefs. Our system is available in fully networked (web-based), local network or standalone modes depending on your budget and on-site capability.

ECR Manager log system