We have established control rooms in a variety of settings and stakeholder environments including 16 UK Cities, Sydney, Marseille, Bermuda, New York, San Francisco, Oman, Chicago, Toulon, Cowes, Portsmouth and the United Arab Emirates. Our clients include loyal Event Director, Safety Officer, Event Control Manager and Security clients who come back to us year after year and retain us to help them manage risk, respond and recover from incidents, grow their events, protection their reputation and to manage the insurance and litigation activity following an incident.

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Event Control Room (ECR) Manager

Our award winning platform has been tried and tested in various emergency and event control rooms. With a simple user interface which required minimal training our system provides an easy means to log, notify, report and mapĀ  your operations and incidents (using your data and tools such as What3Words).

Key information can be itemised, time and name stamped, ticked off against your schedule, with the ability to download a variety of reports immediately for sharing, Event Liaison meetings or post event debriefs. Our system is available in fully networked (web based), local network or standalone modes depending on your budget and on site capability.


A range of technical and human factors support event decision makers. Our audio visual equipment, control room equipment and computers ensure decision makers can keep an eye on information, issues and actions whether it be in a fixed, mobile or temporary event control.

We are experienced in using and displaying a range of useful data including social media feeds (utilising Hootsuite and Awario) to monitor key search strings and hashtags), partner agencies own Resilience Direct and Hazard Manager tools through to our own on site Anemometer/wind services from Holfuy which provides real time information into our log to inform decision making and to record wind speeds.

Event Control Management

Event Directors, Producers, Security Managers need the assurance that Event Control is able to coordinate resources, control radio channels, share information and support liaison with on site organisations and partner agencies.

Our team of experienced Managers, Controllers and Loggists have amongst others supported Leicester City Council’s incidents and events, The Boat Race, Chesterton’s Polo in the Park, mass participation events for Virgin Sport and Limelight Sports and every football, concert, baseball and athletics event at London Stadium since 2014.