We provide SMS and email notifications before and during the event to all your stakeholders, ranging from Safety Advisory Group (SAG) members and major Sponsors through to on site production team leads and contractors.

During the planning phases your stakeholders can subscribe to receive an email each time a new or updated document is added to the system e.g. traffic management documentation (our site can be whitelisted to be available on Police computers), event safety plans, dot plans and partners’ own documentation.

Coupled with our Event Wi-fi solution you can be assured that routine information (alongside existing radio messages) can reach your audience quickly and professionally.


A range of technical and human factors support event decision makers. Our flat screens, Ipads, Toughpads and print services ensure decision makers can keep an eye on information, issues and actions whether it be in a fixed, mobile or temporary event control. We are experienced in using and displaying a range of useful data including social media feeds (utilising Hootsuite) to monitor key search strings and hashtags), partner agencies own Resilience Direct and Hazard Manager tools through to our own on site Anemometer/wind services from Gill and Windguru:

Logging system

Our web based SAG documentation and logging system has been tried and tested over a decade in various emergency and event control rooms. With a simple graphical user interface (screen) we rarely need to train staff as its intuitive tools to capture key information (that is itemised, time and name stamped) with the ability to download a pdf immediately for sharing, Event Liaison meetings or post event debriefs. Our system is available in fully networked (web based), local network or standalone modes depending on your budget and on site capability.

We’ve found that most Event Directors, Safety Officers, Event Control Managers and Security professionals retain us year on year once they have seen us in action.

For more details and features see our summary of log capability below or our Technology page.

Event Control Management and Loggists

Event Directors, Producers, Security Managers need the assurance that Event Control is able to coordinate resources, control radio channels, share information and support liaison with on site organisations and partner agencies.

Our team of experienced loggists, controllers and managers have supported over 40 Event Control Rooms. Some Control Rooms are delivered ‘out of a box’ in a green field site with our screens and equipment; with others we are experienced in integrating with a more established fixed control room. We have also deployed liaison officers to other stakeholders (or just provided them with web access to your event log) to enable greater information sharing.