Festivals and mass participation events

The Challenge
Green field and mass participation event sites pose their own unique challenges in terms of last minute delivery of event infrastructure, site risks, communications and a lack of local infrastructure. On a major road event this Summer and a high profile festival in September we had tight timescales to work to, with complex stakeholder requirements in terms of existing local communications systems with which we had to de-conflict our temporary services.

The Solution
We integrated our support with the Event Management team from the safety advisory group (SAG) planning phase to understand the event requirements and provided services above and beyond the basic client specification for radio support; we provided site event control support with loggists, liaison officers to nearby control centres, event control management system and support to key meetings.

Our satellite wi-fi solution provided resilient wi-fi access at the event sites to enable real time information sharing between managers and stakeholders.

The Results
Our total event solution played a key role in ensuring that the event teams had effective communications and resources to deliver their event. Key issues, trends and statistics were captured on our web based log to provide an audit trail for Health and Safety Executive CDM, RIDDOR and for event production statistics to inform future planning.

Additional services
At other events have also provided VHF radios, site wi-fi for production managers, safety and security personnel, sponsors and ticket functions as well as a landline capability to reach 999 services. Our Clients have included a range of events including UK Live’s Let’s Rock series for Symphotech, Beer and food festivals, Glastonbury, Mela festivals and Boomtown.