COVID-19 Business Recovery. 12 point checklist


Our 12 point checklist for the successful recovery of your business after COVID-19.



COVID-19 Business Recovery

Your 12-point checklist

Version 2.0

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Controlled Events are committed to providing you with timely and relevant resources to help you plan for and respond to resilience challenges. The resource has been authored by practioners who themselves have worked in the Resilience sector, and currently provide onsite consultancy to clients who are planning their recovery and business continuity.

The resource has been designed to provide key information on topics relevant to your business recovery. They are not prescriptive but focus on relevant good practice and tips to guide your planning.


  1. Revise/re-write your Strategy
  2. Plan scenarios
  3. Assess risks
  4. Keep pace with compliance requirements
  5. Review Personal Protective Equipment, Facilities & Cleaning Protocols
  6. Re-plan your office environment
  7. People planning
  8. Crisis Management & Business Continuity
  9. Occupational Health and Employee screening
  10. Stakeholder engagement
  11. IT provision and cyber security
  12. Medium Terms Remote Working


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