How ready is ready? Will your plans, processes, technology, procedures and personnel be collectively effective?  Organisational biases and individual unconscious motivations can often cloud an organisation’s capability to objectively review, assess, challenge and evaluate your project, capability or specific plan.

Involving operational readiness and project management support at the outset of your project or event will ensure that risks are identified early on, that testing and operational learning strands are effective and that your integration with internal and external stakeholders is confirmed embedded.

From seminar sessions, readiness and project activity and exercises through to ISO 22301 Lead Auditor review, we match activities to your Board’s risk appetite, the maturity of your arrangements, delivery plan and personnel as well as your budget.

We use a range of techniques including advanced simulation software from TeamXP to drive the credibility, pace and analysis of your Simulation.

The majority of our Exercises involve a blend of media including pseudo media using the TeamXP platform and media support from Capital B Media. This video outlines our approach with some expert tips.

We take a phased approach to readiness including:

  • Testing single components of readiness e.g. functions and processes; complexity and challenge should be woven in as the programme maturity develops
  • Incorporating lessons identified from readiness programme into revised documentation, activities, tasks, interdependencies and milestones
  • Using our empathetic experience to create challenging but not combative readiness experiences for your team
  • Imparting our extensive experience gathered over ten years of readiness activity to inform bespoke materials for your session(s)
  • Utilising technology (where appropriate) to capture single site multi table/room decisions and feedback or multi-site activity using our tried and tested information management platform