Our objective is to help your organisation to become resilient and to recover from disruption. As an experienced provider of business continuity and crisis management consultancy, training and readiness activity we leverage our good practice and experience to deliver practical, relevant and easy to maintain arrangements and giving you the confidence that your people and organisation is prepared and ready to respond and recover effectively.

As a Business Continuity Institute Partner and member of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Service we subscribe to industry good practice and our team includes Lead Auditors to the Business Continuity Standard (ISO 22301) so you can be assured that our planning, training and exercising aligns to standards.

Our risk-specific assessments, planning and validation activities have included a broad range of scenarios including cyber, security incidents, crowded places, natural hazards, power failure. We utilise trusted Associates with a depth of experience in each specialism in order that our support is both expert and informed by the latest legislation, guidance and good practice.



Developing and maintaining plans, people and processes for crises and disruptive events is not easy. Over 46% of businesses surveyed have not started recovery planning to restore their operations to at least minimal levels following the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Without a Plan, the processes for escalating  and managing an incident are not systematic.

  • Your response is unproven as key personnel have not practiced under crisis conditions.

  • Post incident investigations and claims may be complicated by deficiencies in your response.

  • Over 70% of businesses do not recover from a disruption e.g. fire, cyber attack or pandemic.

How we can help

With sixteen years experience in different sectors, we can efficiently and effectively develop a new plan, processes and people or review and update existing data to enable you to confidently respond and recover from a disruption with a Plan that works.

  • Retain clients and win new business with a plan that will streamline your response and recovery

  • Develop the competence and confidence of your team using our CPD accredited training.

  • Our experience across many incidents & sectors enables us to effectively develop your Plan.

  • We can focus on understanding your business as our methods are well practiced.


We develop Business Continuity and Emergency Plans based upon our proven experience as well as industry good practice. We have extensive experience in civil nuclear, construction, transport, local government, housing and government sectors. Our experience and breadth of exposure to different sectors provides clients with the confidence that we are delivering good practice and the best informed advice for their plans.

 Our Business Continuity Plans are developed utilising Inoni which enables us to work at speed to produce Business Impact Analyses and Plans efficiently with easy to use departmental, scenario and site cards that don’t require a Business Continuity diploma to use. The Inoni platform means that your plans are readily accessible both in your own environment and with a mirrored version hosted separately, viewable via laptop and mobile device during the response to a disruption.

Our approach enables you to easily maintain plans, reduces the impact on your managers and ensures that their exposure to business continuity is focused on embedding training and ownership within your team.

Crisis Management and Communications

We help organisations to horizon scan and develop arrangements to manage a crisis which could disrupt your reputation, operations, regulatory compliance, financial position and may threaten the very viability of the organisation. With support from Crisis Communications experts at Capital B, our solutions such as Information management and horizon scan tools, training for senior management, Crisis Management Plans, Crisis Communications plans help organisations to efficiently manage a disruption, protect reputation and engage with the media and stakeholders and to identify opportunities to emerge in a more positive position after the disruption.

Resilience Review / Audit

Our trained and experienced ISO 22301 Lead Auditor trained team have worked with a variety of public and private organisations, ranging in size and scale from UK based SMEs through to medium sized international corporations. Our support includes providing internal audit functions including conducting objective reviews of a Client’s enterprise level corporate functions, due diligence third party audits of partners and suppliers. 

Our objective is to deliver an enduring independent audit capability to support Board level assurance that a Client’s risk management, governance and internal control processes are operating effectively.

Cyber Planning and Response

Our team have developed Cyber and Disaster Recovery Plans to enable organsiations to map critical applications and services, to identify gaps and to effectively respond to a cyber attack and/or data breach. With support from C3IA Solutions, our collective service takes you from understanding your cyber vulnerabilities, strengthen your defences before validating your plan and your people. Examples of our work include Cyber playbooks for particular scenarios, training exercises and simulations of attacks to support strategic, tactical and technical exercises.

How can Controlled Events help?

We have established resilience plans covering business continuity, crisis management and disaster recovery in a variety of sectors and environments globally including automotive, manufacturing, finance, local and central government, aviation, transport and venues.
Clients come back to us year after year and retain us to help them manage risk, respond and recover from incidents, grow their events, protect their reputation and to manage the insurance and litigation activity following an incident.

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