‘I just need radios’ is often the demand from Events Managers. We can always service this basic requirement but as you would expect, we ensure that you have the right channels to meet your command and control requirements and the accessories that suit your users and budget.

We work closely with Attend2IT, a leading communications provider to deliver our wi-fi and radio communications solutions, supported by Primetech who provide our vehicle fleet with satellite capability. Having used the kit in anger we can vouch for the communications kit to be reliable, robust with all the functionality you require. We offer a range of short term hire options for handheld, desktop and antenna/repeater solutions for wider areas; we maintain an OFCOM licence to achieve this and will walk you through the options so you can be confident that you get the right radios to the right users.

We partner with radio providers who augment our existing Hytera VHF radios on larger event projects (15+ radios) or where a UHF solution is preferable (e.g. within thick walled buildings, indoor events or a complex tree screened event site).

Our radios have screens customised to your event channel names, ability to send messages to other users…and all with the minimum of training.

We also know that Clients tell us that event demands are becoming more complex and demanding with richer voice and data solutions often required. Using reliable KA Band satellite technology (not on the mobile network and trusted by banks, news broadcasters and emergency services) we work with Primetech to provide robust data networks that are dedicated to your most critical operations: safety, security, event control & commercial users such as Point of Sale machines and Sponsor’s devices.

We deploy static and/or vehicle based satellite equipment at key event locations to provide data via fixed line and wi-fi where other operators often deploy low bandwith connections which are prone to overloading and drop outs at peak times when you need them most.