Do you have all the resources and tools to be compliant?’ Are you planning your business reopening? Do you need to get your site COVID secure? Resilience capability Readiness capability Control capability Communications capability





How can Controlled Events help?

We have established resilience, readiness, control and communications capabilities in a variety of stakeholder environments globally. Clients come back to us year after year and retain us to help them manage risk, respond and recover from incidents, grow their events, protect their reputation and to manage the insurance and litigation activity following an incident.

Our services and supported reflect the needs of our clients following the outbreak of COVID-19, including crisis & information management, business continuity planning and debriefing.

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We deliver first class Resilience, Readiness, Communications and Control for disruptive incidents or pre-planned events.

With experience developed over 16 years on projects, events, incidents and exercises, Controlled Events has since 2011 been growing rapidly as a one stop supplier of resilience, readiness, event control and communications to a wide range of corporate clients and major events. We support a wide range of corporate clients, housing organisations, major and minor festivals, open-air, mass participation, fixed venue and stadia events. We retain a large number of our clients year on year (and grow as they recommend us) and differ to most single service suppliers in that we integrate a range of resilience, readiness, communications, expertise and equipment to deliver first class resilience, readiness, communications and control.