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Event Control at Corporate and Major Events

With experience developed over 10 years at events, incidents and exercises, Controlled Events has been growing rapidly as a supplier to corporate and major events. This Summer we have provided Event Control and radio support to HSBC City Ride – working across 14 venues in England, Scotland and Wales. In June we completed our Event Control and radio support to the America’s Cup (Bermuda) and previously on the America’s Cup World Series (Portsmouth, Oman, New York, Chicago and Toulon). We support a wide range of major and minor festivals, open-air, mass participation, fixed venue and stadia events.

Event Control

Resilient and reliable personnel, equipment and resources to enable seamless and safe delivery of your event.

Our Event Control capability is second to none and has been used at a range of high profile major events at green field, festival, stadium and corporate events in the UK, Europe and Middle East. Using a skilled and experienced team of controllers and loggists coupled with a web based platform and audio visual equipment we can establish a virtual command and control log with all of your key areas on site as well as with nominated partners. Stakeholders receive regular notifications and updates which reduces control room traffic and the requirement for an expensive event control facility.

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Resilient communications

Effective communication sits at the heart of the success of your event – decision makers, staff and volunteers having the right information at the right place and the right time. Our solutions offer resilience and reliability but without the high costs you may expect.

Ranging from reliable VHF or UHF radios through to resilient wi-fi using satellite we provide robust voice and data networks that are dedicated to your most critical operations: safety, security, event control & commercial users such as Point of Sale machines and Sponsor’s devices. We deploy static and/or vehicle based satellite equipment at key event locations to provide data via fixed line and wi-fi where other operators often deploy low bandwith connections which are prone to overloading and drop outs at peak times when you need them most.

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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

What better way to provide assurance on the event site with an overflight of key areas before the event and an asset map of all the key resources and structures within the event site?

Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are deployed by Droneflight whose CAA trained pilots are well used to working within legislative and safety requirements. We provide a range of services such as overflight of a large event site pre-gates opening, promotional shots for sponsors with the capacity for high definition broadcast quality viewing in real time.

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