Our objective is to deliver the most effective voice and data communications to support your project. Our expertise goes back to our earliest projects with Communications always featuring as a critical feature of an event and a common debrief point where it fails. We partner with expert providers whose solutions are both innovative and good value.


Procuring different radio, Wi-Fi and then wider services such as Event Control leads to inefficiencies and a lack of clear ownership of the architecture and what to do in case of issues:

  • Crossed wires can lead to the wrong equipment being provided
  • Without an expert support team on site, trouble shooting can be difficult
  • Ownership between deployment, usage and management of communications is fragmented.

How we can help

We supply our Communications equipment and solutions from trusted partners so we can own the Communications process for you – identifying your coverage needs, user requirements, options and engage the right suppliers:

  • Designing a radio channel plan, user and call sign lists
  • Mapping site requirements for data services, hardware and support
  • Designing resilience into the process with layered fallback means of communication.


We provide UHF and VHF Digital Mobile Radio and Icom’s Push to Talk Over Cellular (POC) options for radio communications with support from 2CL on UK events and Logic Wireless radio equipment and support on international projects.

We start by mapping out your radio channel requirements, obtain relevant OFCOM frequencies for large scale events, identify your key users and then deliver the specified radio solution to your site.

With Push to Talk Over Cellular (POC) now being a tried and tested capability on so many events, we can integrate on site radio communications with users off-site to ensure communications for your remote or hybrid Control Room.


We work with satellite providers to deliver robust and independent data connections to a site and can now provide ICOM Satellite radios which we have used in anger on events (users in Sydney and London).

 We regularly provide satellite capability to events, sporting endeavours and adventures including the Heads Together and Row sailing challenge across the Atlantic Ocean. Our Wi-Fi partner, Attend2IT often deploys satellite equipment as part of the green field deployment of data solutions for our events or as resilience to back up existing venue connections.




We regularly coordinate communications at events due to the critical nature of radio and Wi-Fi for our Event Control role. With support from  Attend2IT, we utilise existing site feeds, deploy static and/or vehicle based satellite equipment at key event locations to provide data via fixed line and wi-fi where other operators often deploy low bandwith, highly contended connections which are prone to overloading and drop outs at peak times when you need them most.

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