Chestertons Polo in the Park

The Challenge

As a premier event in the annual Polo calendar, Chestertons Polo in the Park attracts thousands of corporate, party going and family audiences. TThe event requires rigorous accreditation arrangements throughout the 3 week rig and de-rig, effective and reliable radio communications, event phase accreditation, temporary Wi-Fi, CCTV, contingency planning and a multi-agency exercise with borough partners. 

The Solution

Controlled Events have supported Sportgate International, the events organisers and rights owner in delivering the event each year since 2014 and are involved from the outset of planning. We provide a comprehensive accreditation system, ECR Manager log platform, radios for build and the event and deliver an annual table top exercise. The session takes place 72hrs ahead of the event taking place.enables all parties to validate plans(s) and to confirm understanding of key procedures using several incident scenarios.

During the event, over 100 radios are distributed to key departments, an Event Control Room is built and resourced to manage six key radio channels. A comprehensive log of actions, decisions and rationale is maintained throughout the three event days.

“Working with Controlled Events on Chestertons Polo in the Park and other events since 2014, their service and equipment now form an essential part of all our events. Rob has an extensive knowledge of emergency planning that has helped us augment our event plan and associated documentation. Controlled Events staff are a healthy addition to our event control, helping us to safely manage our multi-channel radio net and deliver successful events.”

Richard Kirtley, Operations Director, Sportgate International

The Results

have involved assisting the event to grow in commercial and reputation, with systems, planning and people supporting Sportgate’s assurance, 


days of ECR operations since 2014

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