COVID-19 matrix of actions


This free COVID-19 matrix of actions spreadsheet provides you with a spreadsheet with a sliding scale of actions for differing levels of disruption from COVID-19. Public Health England links and content is accurate at time of printing and is intended for you to adopt and adapt to your organisation’s response.

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Controlled Events are committed to providing you with timely and relevant resources to help you plan for and respond to resilience challenges. This spreadsheet has been authored by practioners who themselves have worked in the Resilience sector, and currently provide onsite consultancy to clients who are planning their recovery and business continuity. The spreadsheet will enable you to maintain a ‘plan in a page’ with key actions for each stage of COVID-19 impact. Correct at the time of publication (16/10/20) and replacing the original document from 16/9/20, the document now includes Public Health England alert levels and will continue to be updated with any substantial changes in UK policy and good practice. The key components are generic to any country and are applicable to any organisation.


COVID matrix of actions


  1. Editable spreadsheet


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Rob Walley
Rob Walley