Reliance Worldwide Corporation

The Challenge

RWC required support to analyse COVID-19 government updates, undertake business continuity planning, alerting staff and supporting crisis management meetings during COVID-19 across EMEA.

The Solution

RWC needed the help of Controlled events to deliver crisis management and COVID planning throughout 2020. The core deliverables involved keeping management up to date with the constantly changing government policies, translating that into usable information to support key decision makers and anticipating what was coming through expert horizon scanning.

Alongside crisis management, Controlled Events provided communication solutions such as templates and SMS updates from the ECR Manager platform to staff. These proved invaluable in keeping the team up to date and importantly thanking them for their support and patience.

“Put simply, without the support of Controlled Events, we simply wouldn’t have been able to conduct the analysis required to respond effectively to the ongoing changes as a result of the COVID19 Pandemic.

We are planning to utilise Controlled Events to refresh and exercise our business continuity for other scenarios. We have also recommended Controlled Events’ services to others as a professional and capable team who have improved the efficiency and effectiveness of our response”.

Karon Ayres, HR Director

The Results

RWC’s crisis management response, communications, alerts and decision making was efficient, objective, with sustained over the most challenging phases of the COVID-19 response with resource on hand 24/7.

We delivered

weeks of crisis management, COVID reporting and staff alerts

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