Sail GP

The Challenge

Our brief for the 2019-2021 event series was to establish a global radio capability (blending UHF and Push to Talk over Cellular), event control facility, contingency planning and readiness exercises across 17 events. Partnering with Logic Wireless and utilising our America’s Cup experience equipped us develop multi-agency plans with Sydney, San Francisco, New York, Cowes and Marseille in season 1 (2019) and Sydney (2020) to establish training and exercising arrangements and to deliver control rooms in each city on the series.

The Solution

We provided a fully integrated event control facility which coordinated Race Village, Broadcast and Race Management on water operations with monitoring of key channels using Crosswire despatcher capability. We engaged with Vessel Traffic Services and regulatory authorities in each city and provided situational awareness multitude of partner agencies and other control centres. Our ECR Manager logging system was quickly shared with various command and control locations (e.g. emergency services control centres, Managers on the move) with additional notifications, and radio controllers to monitor issues to support a safe and successful event involving crowds of many thousands of people.

During the Cowes event in August 2019 we faced unprecedented wind conditions which forced postponement of the schedule, infrastructure to be de-rigged and schedules to be reorganised.

Throughout this Controlled Events provided active communication and coordination with all key managers, monitoring weather conditions and logging key decisions and actions. During the second day of the event we experienced several race-course incidents and at all times the Event Control Room team ensured we were able to communicate internally to make informed decisions and to inform people on next steps, ranging from the media, guests, ticket holders and stakeholders.

Without Controlled Events the event would have been challenging to deliver and less efficient in being able to communicate issues, incidents and schedule changes to all key parties.”

Julien Di Biase, Chief Operating Officer

The Results

Despite challenging weather on a number of events, challenging incidents both on and off the water we had really positive feedback from managers, partners and volunteers and the organisation was well supported from planning, delivery and post event activity.


days of ECR operations in 2019 and 2020

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