The Boat Race

Women's EURO 2022 England Captain with tournament trophy

The Challenge


The Boat Race in 2021 was very early on in the pandemic, so there was immediate uncertainty around the event, from where it would take place, to how the event team could interact with key suppliers, the clubs and the different agencies involved.

The Boat Race organisers needed to keep the partner agencies heavily involved and engaged with the planning, without the ability to meet onsite and in person in the lead-up to the event.


Controlled Events do a great job in the services they provide us. They’re friendly, professional, approachable, and they enable other partners to be more engaging. 

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Having supported the event over several years Controlled Events tackled the organisational challenges head-on, quickly working out how to support TBR in finding a new, suitable location and how to arrange inter-agency communications both remotely in the lead-up and creating a safe event control environment on-site. 

  • Radio communications equipment provision 
  • ECR Manager incident logging 
  • Event Control Management 
  • Simulation exercising 
  • Chairing multi-agency meetings 
  • Event safety documentation 

The Results

Support throughout the planning stages including excellent multi-agency engagement within this process. Combining historic knowledge of the event with the agility needed to adapt in the face of a global pandemic and beyond. Controlled Events support our event safety planning and host our table-top exercise which provides invaluable feedback on our plans from all the agencies involved.  

Why Controlled Events? 

  • Multi-agency engagement 
  • Experience and knowledge 
  • Efficiency and adapting to changing requirements  

Rob and his team partner with closely with 2CL on making sure everyone has the right communications, set in the right place, so they can engage with the people around them, ensuring that event control runs smoothly for the event.’  

    Women's EURO 2022 Trafalgar Square Fanzone

    Controlled Events are one of our most valued suppliers, representing The Boat Race at a level where I feel like they’re part of our team, rather than a supplier.

    Benefits of working with Controlled Events:

    • Experienced input to the event safety management plan
    • Professional approach to partner and agency relationships 
    • Consistency: from agency briefings, to the tabletop exercise, control room management and event comms – one voice throughout is really important to the professionalism of our event 
    • Audit trail: from agency meetings to the end of the event, everything is recorded, stored securely and distributed correctly. This is invaluable for our review/debrief process.  


    Controlled Events are really great at picking things up from start to finish, from the event concept through to event delivery. They can be that consistent voice for you in multi-agency meetings through to event control management and event control delivery, ensuring a really consistent approach that gives you delivery that you can rely on.’ 

    Chris Price

    Event Manager, The Boat Race

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