2021: The year of swiss cheese?

Rob WalleyCOVID-19, Readiness, Resilience

Dr Robert Macfarlane once described (during crisis management training) a theory from Reason (1997) called the swiss cheese model, in which an organisation’s defences against failure are a series of barriers or slices of the cheese. The holes in the cheese slices represent individual weaknesses in individual parts of the system which are protected as layers through which a risk … Read More

Coronavirus: The singular threat to businesses in 2020… or is it?

Rob WalleyReadiness, Resilience

Risk matrix

You would think that 2020 had been the year for resilience, but I’m not so sure. The 2017 National Risk Register stated that; “there is a high probability of a flu pandemic occurring” with “up to 50% of the UK experiencing symptoms, leading to between 20,000 and 750,000 fatalities and high levels of absence from work.” Like many organisations we … Read More