Today in Sydney, Controlled Events formally launched Event Control Room (ECR) Manager 2.0 across live event and client projects in Sydney, Australia and the United Kingdom. With deployments accelerating from there, encompassing existing UK projects from March and the USA from April the new platform will benefit event organisers and incident management clients with improved decision support and availability of information. Innovations include precise incident location data using What3Words, improved situational awareness of issues, greater number of information feeds, graphics updates and simpler work flows for reporting.

Customers and partners will now be able to integrate more risk information, mapping and communications with staff and stakeholders in one simple to use platform. Mapping software improvements include overlaying Customer base maps with temporary overlay data such as cordons and the location of incidents using What3Words. This will quickly enable users on the ground, control room personnel and partner agencies to operate from a simple and universally available location reference tool.

New features also include Incident form tools to enable real time incident and pre-event check reporting and readiness reporting, wind anemometer integration and simpler SMS, email and Slack channel notifications. Control Room users will feel the benefits too, including a refreshed user interface and dashboard, tagging of issues, user to user notifications, Reporting tools have been enhanced to enable swifter debrief information capture, improved issue flagging and a greater variety of log download options.

Rob Walley, Founder of Controlled Events commented, “With over 190 event days planned already for 2020 in addition to our Event and Resilience client’s own deployments we had two key objectives during this upgrade: delivering tangible improvements key features that are loved by current users and delivering new modular features such as mapping that will improve the timeliness and effectiveness of response and reporting. We’re passionate about the benefits especially as they are already transforming how we ourselves deliver Event Control support to clients during recent severe weather on two continents, COVID-19 response and other events.”